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14th July 2023

A quick update on what our sponsor Leon has been up to so far this year.
Since recovering from his injury, Leon has been competing in different championships around the country.

He recently moved up into JuniorMAX, a faster and more competitive class to what he was driving last year (MiniMAX). Having also been doing mindset training with Camino Coaching, which in his own words “will help me lead races a lot easier by managing the pressure of leading. This also helped me get over my injury without loosing confidence in my kart and driving. I have also been doing a bit of driver coaching for some of the younger drivers in the team to attempt to improve their results in their respective championships.”

Leon has also posted many social posts on his Facebook and Instagram, as well as tagging PartBox in each post to help advertise the business. (which we greatly appreciate!)

Here is what Leon had to say regarding future plans:
“At the beginning of August we are hoping to be entering and racing in a round of the Super One championship at Whilton Mill. Last year, in my MiniMAX, I entered this one-off event and achieved pole position and won the final race of the weekend. However, this year I will be competing in a much more competitive class, JuniorMAX but we are still expecting, depending on how testing goes on Wednesday, to be fighting towards the front of the grid. I will also be going with the XKart driver coach who will be able to get me back up to the pace I had at this track before my incident.”

Super One is a championship that the world’s top racing drivers, including Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris participated in, and therefore is very expensive to take part in. There are also two race days in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) so it is required to take part in Friday practice, which further adds to the cost of the weekend. The races on Sunday will also be live on Youtube which will also help advertise PartBox. Here is the link to the livestream of last years races.

We at Part-Box would like to extend our luck and well wishes onto Leon and the team for this and all future upcoming events. Watch this space!




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